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High Traffic Surges Got Your Website Down? Here’s Why

5/30/19 / by Martin Larsen posted in Customer Experience, Load testing, load testing tools, Black Friday, Performance Test Tool, Performance testing, intelligent automation, ecommerce, retail


A surge in traffic is in many ways a dream for any website. After all, more traffic means more customers and more sales.

However, you can sometimes do your job too well when your successful marketing campaign brings surges of traffic, causing your website or app to slow down and even crash. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your website or app fail just when you have the most to gain.

Most blogs and articles just state traffic-induced crashes as something that can happen. But if you don’t understand how high traffic crashes a website or app, how can you expect to avoid the problem?

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Practice Makes Perfect: Why AI-Driven Testing is Critical to eCommerce Success

5/28/19 / by Candice Arnold posted in Customer Experience, Performance Test Tool, digital automation intelligence, AI-assisted testing, intelligent automation, digital transformation, ecommerce, retail


In a recent Forbes interview on the retail customer experience, Harley Manning, VP and research director of Forrester’s customer experience team, said; “Customer expectations are rising slowly—but faster than brands are making improvements.” He further elaborated that the average score in the firm’s CX Index™ for US digital retailers decreased from the prior year, with no retailer breaking through the 85th percentile to make it into the “excellent” category.

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