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As CTO at Eggplant, Gareth is a proven leader of product marketing, product management solutions, and presales teams. Smith has a doctorate in computer science, with a focus on collaborative user interface design, and spent over a decade in academia.

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Enterprise-Grade QA on a Budget

5/21/19 / by Gareth Smith posted in DevOps, Test automation, Software test automation, software testing, software development, digital automation intelligence, Eggplant solutions, digital transformation


We operate in a continuous delivery world in which a seamless customer experience is paramount. Regardless of whether you’re a global Fortune 500 organization or a fast-growing startup, failing to deliver a digital experience that delights your users is a critical mistake you can’t afford to make.

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The Cost of Non-Compliance: Why You Can’t Ignore Accessibility Testing

4/9/19 / by Gareth Smith posted in Customer Experience, Performance Test Tool, digital automation intelligence, intelligent automation, digital transformation, accessibility


In early 2017, US grocery chain Winn-Dixie invested $7 million to improve its website but overlooked a critical component: testing to ensure it was accessible to people with disabilities. This mistake garnered national attention when the retailer lost a federal case accusing it of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The Winn-Dixie lawsuit is considered a landmark case but it’s hardly a unique situation—website compliance suits are on the rise. According to a legal blog tracking these cases, there were at least 2,258 such suits filed in the US alone in 2018—an increase of 177 percent from the prior year.

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Effortless Performance Testing with Eggplant Performance 9.0

12/18/18 / by Gareth Smith posted in eggPlant Performance, Load testing, Performance testing, artificial intelligence, intelligent testing, Eggplant AI, model-based testing


Performance testing just got a lot easier.

While delivering quality at scale is essential, simply setting up a performance test can be a challenging and time-consuming exercise, and then you need to analyze it. So, despite its importance, performance testing is not commonly used during development cycles.

“Effortless Performance Testing” in Eggplant Performance 9.0 changes all that, with a simple-to-use load testing capability that re-uses your existing Eggplant AI assets. So you can now run performance load tests on your system with no technical knowledge and no coding.

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Introducing Eggplant AI 2.1 and New Accelerators

7/12/18 / by Gareth Smith posted in artificial intelligence, continuous integration, continuous delivery, intelligent testing, Eggplant AI, real user monitoring, model-based testing, real user insights


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