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A full-stack software engineer, Bekki is actively resisting the Boulder tech-hipster stereotype, even though she likes snowboarding, cycling, and craft beer (and might drive a Subaru). She’s also fluent in sarcasm and Objective-C.

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Works on My Machine

4/4/18 / by Bekki Freeman posted in eggPlant Functional, QA testing, Quality assurance, Software testing tools, UI testing, User Experience, UX, Functional testing, software testing, testing best practices, testing strategy, software development, user journey, test automation strategy, Eggplant solutions


Note: Test engineers Reena Kuni and Jeannette Smith also contributed to this blog.

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Selenium WebDriver: Finding an Element Using SenseTalk

2/7/18 / by Bekki Freeman posted in sensetalk, Functional testing, Software test automation, Selenium WebDriver, test automation strategy


One of the challenges in setting up tests with Selenium WebDriver is determining the best locator for an element. Eggplant Functional and SenseTalk provide several ways to locate elements. The Selenium community recommends CSS Selector as the best method for locating elements. It's powerful in that it can identify elements based on classes, identifiers, where they fall in the DOM hierarchy, etc.

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Eggplant Functional: Automatically Run Selenium Standalone Server on Windows

1/24/18 / by Bekki Freeman posted in Regression testing, Software test automation, testing best practices, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium, continuous integration


To fully automate the execution of Selenium WebDriver tests through Eggplant Functional, it’s convenient to set up the Selenium Standalone Server to run automatically every time the system under test boots. If the Standalone Server isn't running, the test will not execute, leading to delays in continuous integration, and false-negatives on regression testing.

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