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Link Real User Journeys and AI-Assisted Techniques to Improve Quality

8/22/18 / by Michael Giacometti posted in AI-assisted testing, artificial intelligence, DevOps, QA, QA testing, testing best practices, user acceptance testing, User experience testing, User Experience, digital automation intelligence, Customer Experience Insights


To keep up with DevOps, testing and QA teams typically adopt a shift-up approach to move quality further up the software development lifecycle. The goal is to complete system testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure a bug-free release. While product quality has a direct correlation to increased revenue and positive business outcomes, this isn’t enough in the 21st-century marketplace. QA’s job isn’t just to de-risk applications by finding defects earlier but to help de-risk business strategy and potential problems with your user base by reporting customer experience defects. 

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