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The Journey to True Test Automation is Shorter Than You Think

3/13/18 / by JB Brockman posted in test automation strategy, continuous delivery, analytics, user journey, artificial intelligence, User experience testing, test execution, Software testing tools, Real User Experience, Digital Experience, DevOps


Everything about software has changed—how it’s architected, developed and produced, what it does, what users want from it, and how often they expect new features. To keep up, organisations are turning to continuous delivery and DevOps. Yet product teams still do a lot of manual testing, which consumes a lot of time they don’t have, thanks to shrinking test windows. Incorporating automation into your testing approach is a great strategy, but figuring out where and how to start isn’t necessarily quick and easy.

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Test environment management is critical to test automation

5/16/16 / by Antony Edwards posted in App testing, Application testing, automated testing, Device cloud, device lab, Device management, eggCloud, mobile app testing, Mobile test automation, Mobile testing, TCoE, test environment management, test execution, test lab, test management, Test management tool, test management tools, Testing center of excellence, Uncategorized


A lack of environment management is one of the most common reasons for unreliable test execution. People remove devices from the test environment, change app versions without notification, change OS settings, two tests try to use the same devices at the same time, a manual tries to use the same device at the same time, a backup runs on the middle of a test run, insufficient user data is provided, and the list goes on.

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