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The Customer is Always Right ... and That Customer, and That Customer, Too.

4/25/18 / by Michael Giacometti posted in shift up, shift left, QA, User Experience, Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite, intelligent testing, test automation strategy, user journey, QA testing, shift right


It’s no secret that the digital revolution is quickly changing the way businesses and customers interact with each other. Like Blockbuster, companies that don’t understand the evolving needs and tastes of their customers will die, while companies like Netflix that fail fast, quickly adopt technology, and evolve, will thrive.

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Works on My Machine

4/4/18 / by Bekki Freeman posted in testing strategy, Eggplant solutions, test automation strategy, user journey, software development, testing best practices, UX, User Experience, UI testing, Software testing tools, software testing, Quality assurance, QA testing, Functional testing, eggPlant Functional


Note: Test engineers Reena Kuni and Jeannette Smith also contributed to this blog.

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The Journey to True Test Automation is Shorter Than You Think

3/13/18 / by JB Brockman posted in test automation strategy, continuous delivery, analytics, user journey, artificial intelligence, User experience testing, test execution, Software testing tools, Real User Experience, Digital Experience, DevOps


Everything about software has changed—how it’s architected, developed and produced, what it does, what users want from it, and how often they expect new features. To keep up, organisations are turning to continuous delivery and DevOps. Yet product teams still do a lot of manual testing, which consumes a lot of time they don’t have, thanks to shrinking test windows. Incorporating automation into your testing approach is a great strategy, but figuring out where and how to start isn’t necessarily quick and easy.

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Better Bug Hunting for Improved Team Productivity: Announcing Eggplant AI 2.0

2/13/18 / by JB Brockman posted in artificial intelligence, digital automation intelligence, Digital Experience, test automation strategy, continuous delivery, analytics, user journey, testing strategy, User Experience, Test automation, Software test automation


We recently co-hosted a webinar with Bloor Research about the Future of Testing, and in it, we conducted an informal poll about artificial intelligence (AI) and testing. When we asked what everyone thought the biggest advantage was to incorporating AI into a test automation strategy, attendees overwhelmingly selected team productivity and efficiency.

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Selenium WebDriver: Finding an Element Using SenseTalk

2/7/18 / by Bekki Freeman posted in Software test automation, Functional testing, Selenium WebDriver, sensetalk, test automation strategy


One of the challenges in setting up tests with Selenium WebDriver is determining the best locator for an element. Eggplant Functional and SenseTalk provide several ways to locate elements. The Selenium community recommends CSS Selector as the best method for locating elements. It's powerful in that it can identify elements based on classes, identifiers, where they fall in the DOM hierarchy, etc.

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Are You Ready for the Future of Testing?

1/31/18 / by JB Brockman posted in Software test automation, Test automation, artificial intelligence, DevOps, continuous delivery, digital automation intelligence, User Experience, test automation strategy

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The focus on artificial intelligence (AI) in general, in technology, and particularly in testing, is prompting organizations worldwide to take it seriously. It’s hard to ignore AI’s potential benefits, including improved productivity and efficiency, fewer defects, a better UX, and happy customers. And with DevOps and continuous delivery here to stay, staying relevant depends on keeping pace, which is why test automation is so critical.

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