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Delivering a Five-Star Digital Experience in Financial Services

9/6/18 / by Antony Edwards posted in user journeys, end-to-end testing, business outcomes, Customer Experience Insights, fusion engine, QA, financial services, User Experience, Performance testing, intelligent automation, artificial intelligence, Eggplant Release Insights, UX testing, UX monitoring, UI testing, APIs, predictive analytics


No matter what industry you’re in, providing an exceptional digital experience to your customers is paramount. It’s particularly tricky in financial services, as more and more users ditch physical branch locations for online banking. By 2019 in the UK, mobile banking is expected to overtake desktop as the preferred channel. And for two-thirds of Americans, a recent survey found that online and mobile banking represent their primary banking channels. 

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Improve Patient Care in Hospitals With Intelligent Automation

8/23/18 / by Charlene Makai posted in EMR testing, Healthcare, hospital systems testing, Citrix, Functional testing, Performance testing, end-to-end testing, user journeys, security testing, Mobile testing, Mobile test automation


To provide the best possible patient care, hospitals need to ensure that the EMR is working properly after every change. While the EMR itself is a critical link in overall patient management, ensuring seamless connectivity across numerous other hospital systems (ERP software, PACS technology, blood bank software) is also important. This means end-to-end testing of software releases, updates, functionality, and performance — not just testing that the code works in one system or another.  

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