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Customer Experience Optimization: Improve the UX and Business Outcomes of Digital Software

8/8/18 / by John Bates posted in Customer Experience, customer experience optimization, Software test automation, intelligent monitoring, real user insights, UX, UX testing, continuous testing, analytics, continuous monitoring


There are certain inalienable truths about businesses: they all want to succeed and they all want to beat their competitors. What's slightly different is how a business defines success. For a healthcare company, it might be lives saved. For an insurance company, it's the number of policies bought. For an e-commerce retailer, it's shopping basket conversions. 

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Three Key Lessons from Amazon’s Prime Day Performance Problems

8/7/18 / by Alex Painter posted in continuous monitoring, customer experience optimization, Real Customer Insights, Monitoring Insights, website performance, synthetic monitoring, Customer Experience Insights, User Experience, Performance testing, performance monitoring


Just one hour of downtime cost Amazon an estimated $100 million in lost sales. Unless you were completely off the grid, you’re well aware of the performance issues Amazon and its shoppers experienced on what was touted to be the biggest Prime Day in the company’s history.

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