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Peter Cherns joined Eggplant in March 2018 as a product manager for AI and analytics. After originally graduating in physics and earning a PhD in materials science, Peter has worked for more than eight years in the world of enterprise software, both in delivery and product. He also has experience in materials data management, delivering solutions to some of the world's leading aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics organizations.

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Enhanced Reporting, Bug Hunting and Scalability: Enter Eggplant AI 2.2

11/2/18 / by Peter Cherns posted in Eggplant Release Insights, release quality, analytics, Performance testing, test coverage, bug hunting


We’ve recently made some huge enhancements to Eggplant AI, our intelligent test automation solution. The release of version 2.2 not only includes a number of new reporting features – it also transforms its capabilities.

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How's the Quality of Your Upcoming Release? Find Out With Eggplant Release Insights.

8/9/18 / by Peter Cherns posted in Eggplant Release Insights, business KPIs, release quality, quality testing, User Experience, analytics, Performance testing, test coverage, bug hunting, predictive analytics, business outcomes


Burndown charts, feature completeness, code quality, pass/fail testing. Dev and test managers have access to lots of data from many sources about an upcoming release. But none of it directly relates to business outcomes. While decisions might be influenced by data, they’re still largely subjective and more often based on experience. 

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