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Eggplant Functional 18.2: Usability testing, automatic script checker, and much more

How to maximize revenue by delivering ad content fast

Enhanced Notifications in Real Customer Insights

Are the world's top websites fast enough?

Three Essentials for Your Website's Peak Trading Period

Enhanced Reporting, Bug Hunting and Scalability: Enter Eggplant AI 2.2

The Best of Both Worlds: Integrating Synthetic Monitoring Insights with Application Performance Management

How Ticket Sales Broke Barriers for Glastonbury 2019

Better Together: Open Source and Eggplant

How Smart Testing Can Ensure a Smooth Shopping Experience

Delivering a Five-Star Digital Experience in Financial Services

Improve Patient Care in Hospitals With Intelligent Automation

Link Real User Journeys and AI-Assisted Techniques to Improve Quality

Optimize Online Bookings in the Travel Sector to Delight Customers and Drive Revenue

Achieve Better Business Outcomes With Customer Experience Insights

Transforming Customer Experiences With Eggplant

How's the Quality of Your Upcoming Release? Find Out With Eggplant Release Insights.

Customer Experience Optimization: Improve the UX and Business Outcomes of Digital Software

Three Key Lessons from Amazon’s Prime Day Performance Problems

Six Ways Intelligent Automation Helps You Optimize Mission Outcomes

Surviving Black Friday: Why Avoiding Outages Is No Longer Enough

Eggplant Functional 18.1: Exciting new features for faster, more efficient testing

Introducing Eggplant AI 2.1 and New Accelerators

An All New Performance Trends Report

Deliver Faster User Journeys and Better Conversions on Black Friday

A Design Pattern for Automation Repeatability

Shift Up: Out of One Tool, Many

Don’t Test the Code, Test the Business

How Much Collaboration Is Too Much?

A Babel Fish for Testing

The Customer is Always Right ... and That Customer, and That Customer, Too.

The Early Bird and Second Mouse — a QA Story

The Need to Shift Up in QA

Works on My Machine

Eggplant Acquires NCC Group’s Web Performance Division

Monitoring Dashboard Improvement Makes It Easier to View from a Distance

The Journey to True Test Automation is Shorter Than You Think

Valentine’s Day: the Worst Day to Break Up with Your Customers

A Modern Testing Perspective, Plus Cool New Features in iOS Gateway 5.0

Better Bug Hunting for Improved Team Productivity: Announcing Eggplant AI 2.0

Selenium WebDriver: Finding an Element Using SenseTalk

Are You Ready for the Future of Testing?

The Creeping Rise in Content that’s Slowing Down Britain’s Retail Sites

Eggplant Functional: Automatically Run Selenium Standalone Server on Windows

Testplant QA Recap + How We Do Regression Testing

Thrive in the Digital Economy With Intelligent Digital Experience Monitoring

20 Smart Technology Predictions for 2018

Like Selenium? Now You Can Use It With Eggplant Functional.

Knowing When Your Customers Are Seeing Slower Load Times Than Expected

It’s Here! Eggplant Functional Support for iOS Gateway 4.4.

Performance Testing for Success during Peak

Baking Web Performance KPIs into the Development and Release Process

Gartner Names Testplant A Visionary

Can You Handle the Load?

Top Three Takeaways for Test Architects From Gartner Symposium 2017

The Role of API Testing in the Digital World

Image-Based Testing for ATMs and New Device Categories

Six Reasons Why We Need Dedicated, Professional Testers

One Question Test Leaders Struggle to Answer

"Only intelligent automation in testing will deliver disruption."

Avoid the App Scrap Heap

Use AI to Power Your Testing and Delight Customers

Testing is Broken. Let's Fix It.

Turning Testing into a Profit Center

British Airways Outdated QA approaches = unhappy customers

[Video Interview] Testing Must Change to Support Mobile & IoT

Deep Learning, Testing, and Bug-hunting

Establish a quality metrics strategy at scale

New Features of Eggplant Functional v17

Eggplant Functional Training: cross-browser testing + results reporting

eggPlant Functional training series – get organized with modularization, using OCR and debugging!

eggPlant Functional training series – get going, start scripting!

The pervasiveness of technology in healthcare

Join us for a webinar: Testing healthcare systems with the eggPlant range

Black Friday - can your website handle it?

Testing when there are no users

Yes, eggPlant Functional Supports AngularJS 

Grand Opening of the TestPlant Americas Headquarters

No excuses left. Start writing tests at the beginning of a project.

IOE Queen’s Award Gala Dinner 2016

Join us for a webinar: Responsive website testing with eggPlant

Guest blog: Test automation is the future. Do you want to be part of it?

NEW WHITEPAPER: Setting up a successful test automation project

Our third Queen's Award for Enterprise, Innovation

Guest blog: Optimize agile testing with test automation & test case management

Gherkin Support in eggPlant Functional v16.1

eggPlant Functional v16.1 new features make scripting easy for enterprise test deployments

Summer Reception 2016

Getting started with performance testing: Round two!

Impressive and engaging talks at the Northern Lights testing conference

Test environment management is critical to test automation

From everyone at TestPlant - thank you!

UX testing and the PARM principle: STAREAST boasted QA fun

Speed Index: How It Works and What It Means

Stay up-to-date with the latest in test automation

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