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Why You Need Synthetic as Well as Real User Monitoring and APM

1/15/19 / by Alex Painter posted in website performance, User Experience, Monitoring Insights, synthetic monitoring


Is your website meeting KPIs for speed and availability? Are key user journeys working as they should? Is your website’s performance now the same as it was this time yesterday? Are you sure? How can you tell?

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Knowing There's an Issue is Great -  Understanding Why It's Happening Is Better...

1/10/19 / by George Kouvaras posted in website performance, KPIs, Real Customer Insights


One of the most popular features of the KPI Performance report in Real Customer Insights (RCI) is the “Start Analysis” button, also known as “what’s changed analysis”.

This feature addresses the missing element in any anomaly detection system – the isolation and identification of the root causes of anomalies.

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Effortless Performance Testing with Eggplant Performance 9.0

12/18/18 / by Gareth Smith posted in artificial intelligence, model-based testing, intelligent testing, Eggplant AI, eggPlant Performance, Load testing, Performance testing


Performance testing just got a lot easier.

While delivering quality at scale is essential, simply setting up a performance test can be a challenging and time-consuming exercise, and then you need to analyze it. So, despite its importance, performance testing is not commonly used during development cycles.

“Effortless Performance Testing” in Eggplant Performance 9.0 changes all that, with a simple-to-use load testing capability that re-uses your existing Eggplant AI assets. So you can now run performance load tests on your system with no technical knowledge and no coding.

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Eggplant Functional 18.2: Usability testing, automatic script checker, and much more

12/11/18 / by Pamela Gillaspie posted in model-based testing, Eggplant AI, intelligent testing, Eggplant solutions, UX, software testing, Functional testing, usability testing


We recently released the much-anticipated Eggplant Functional 18.2, which includes some truly exciting innovations.

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How to maximize revenue by delivering ad content fast

12/6/18 / by Alex Painter posted in website performance, KPIs, performance analyzer, Web Performance


Most of us who care about web performance do so because we care about delivering good user experiences.

But the business cares about other things too.

For media owners, advertising is a critical source of revenue. And if getting editorial content in front of end users is paramount, then delivering ad content fast has to be a close second.

However, a reliance on third-party code and content outside of your direct control can make this challenging.

Here are a few common issues, together with some suggestions on how best to deal with them.

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Enhanced Notifications in Real Customer Insights

11/22/18 / by Drew Post posted in KPIs, key performance indicators, website performance, performance trends, Eggplant solutions, analytics


Revenue, conversions, response start time, page load duration, active sessions and bounces – six key KPIs across millions of possible combinations of device types, operating systems and browser versions – all monitored for their actual vs expected performance. The real-time insight engine in Real Customer Insights is pretty impressive.

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Are the world's top websites fast enough?

11/15/18 / by Alex Painter posted in website performance, KPIs, Real Customer Insights


At Eggplant, part of our business is about helping organizations to deliver fast websites that deliver great customer experiences. To do that, we measure those experiences through solutions such as Monitoring Insights, Performance Analyzer and Real Customer Insights.

Definitive web performance league tables

We’re using Performance Analyzer to track home page speed for top websites in a range of sectors and publishing the results in daily league tables called the Digital Experience Index.

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Three Essentials for Your Website's Peak Trading Period

11/6/18 / by Alex Painter posted in website performance, KPIs, Outage, Downtime, Real Customer Insights, Load testing, Performance testing


Many website owners are gearing up for their busiest time of year, with preparations well under way for the pre-Christmas rush.

Part of this means making sure the website is up and running throughout the peak period.

But it’s not just about availability.

Here are some essential steps to help you make sure your website delivers the best possible experience when it matters most.

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Enhanced Reporting, Bug Hunting and Scalability: Enter Eggplant AI 2.2

11/2/18 / by Peter Cherns posted in Eggplant Release Insights, release quality, analytics, Performance testing, test coverage, bug hunting


We’ve recently made some huge enhancements to Eggplant AI, our intelligent test automation solution. The release of version 2.2 not only includes a number of new reporting features – it also transforms its capabilities.

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The Best of Both Worlds: Integrating Synthetic Monitoring Insights with Application Performance Management

10/17/18 / by Colin Marshall posted in website performance, User Experience, Monitoring Insights, synthetic monitoring


Synthetic monitoring is an excellent way to keep tabs on the heartbeat of your platform with alerting offering the assurance that you are always first to react to outages. It also provides a history which enables the identification of patterns in performance which, if unchecked, may turn into outages.

Eggplant’s Monitoring Insights solution has long been considered best of breed in this field, with uniquely reliable testing that alerts you to problems before your customers start complaining. In this blog post, we’ll look at how to diagnose issues highlighted by synthetic monitoring by integrating with an application performance management solution.

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